Apr 24 2010

Fear of Growning Up – What It’s Like to Be A Grown-Up According To A Six Year Old

Summary: You never know what’s on a child’s mind unless they tell you. They have fears and concerns that are often  much different than you’d expect.

So my daughter and I are driving to Watsonville to see the new Disney Nature movie “Oceans”. We’re not even to the Highway 1 on ramp before she drops a most existential concern.

“I’m afraid of becoming a grown-up.”

“Really? So what is about being a grown-up that scares you?”

“I’m afraid of writing checks. I don’t know how to do that. I’m afraid of going to the bank and putting money in or taking money out by myself. I’ve never done that before. I’m afraid of going to jail. I’m afraid of learning to drive. What if I crash? I’m afraid of becoming a teenager and I’m afraid of crossing the street by myself.”

“Well, it makes sense that you are a bit afraid of doing those things now. But when you’re older it won’t seem so scary.  When you’re ready you’ll look forward to doing those things – except going to jail. But you don’t need to worry about going to jail if you’re not doing bad things.”

“So what do teenagers get to do? What’s it like?” Continue reading