You Can’t Control the World…

Summary: My daughter figures out one of life’s most important lessons at age seven.

So we’re driving around, which for some reason is when our most interesting conversations take place, when she has a most profound moment.

“You can’t make time. You can make cookies. You can make brownies. But you can’t make time. At dinner you can’t just make three more hours so there is more time to play before bedtime. You just can’t control the world.”

I’m not shitting you. She really said that. No segue or anything.

3 Responses to “You Can’t Control the World…”

  • Parenting Tips Says:

    You have the world’s smartest 7 year old on your hands!


  • John Says:

    I can’t wait for more profound statements to come from the back row of my car. My 3 year old boy’s unprompted comments are more along the lines of, “I’m tired. . . . I want Marshmallows!”


    Straight Dope Dad Reply:

    Couple more years and it will get a lot more interesting. Also depends on the kid. The car relaxes my daughter (it’s quiet and just the two of us) so she seems to be at her most coherent and reflective in that environment. In a high stimulation environment it’s closer the “I’m tired. . . . I want Marshmallows!”


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