Th’s Versus F’s – A Child Learns Her “TH” Sounds

My daughter has a bit of a problem hitting her “thuuu” sounds. Many times they come out as an “fuuu” sound. Now this is really common and it’s not a speech problem because she can hit the “thuuu” if she concentrates.

Me, my partner and my daughter are in the car on the way to play some pool and air hockey at the boardwalk.

“So all you need to do is just concentrate and start saying the “thuuu” sound everytime. I know you can do it. Thhhink you can do that?


“Could you start on Thhhhursday?


“Ok. So let’s start on Thhhhursday.”


“So what day are we going to start on?”

“On a day that is not the weekend.”

I thought that was pretty fucking funny.

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