Kidnappers Have Better Food Options

Summary: A Child’s naivety leads her to develop some unusual priorities.

I’m in the car with my daughter on our way to the 41st Avenue Taqueria when she drops the usual loaded question.

“How do kidnappers come alive?”

“What do you mean come alive?”

“How do kidnappers come alive?”

“You mean how do they become kidnappers?”

“Yes. How do they start taking children?”

“Well, most likely they we born nice and friendly but somewhere along the line they became a kidnapper. A lot of times it’s because they were treated really bad as a child themselves and that messes up their mind so they start doing bad things to children when they grow up.”

“Do kidnappers eat junky food?”

“Well, I assume some of them probably do.”

“Well then I want to live in a house with kidnappers so I can eat junky food.”

“Wow (laughing) that is really funny…”

“Why is that funny?”

File Under: Kids Say Some Strange Things

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