May 24 2010

The Secret Word of The Day Is Bofia

Summary:  A Child Tries to Interpret Gloria’s Speech Patterns from the Movie Madagascar

My daughter and I are driving back from our adventure in San Jose when she asks me a question.

“What does bofia mean?”


“Yes, bofia.”

“Like boa-fee-yahh?”‘

“Yes, What does it mean?”

“Well I don’t think it means anything. It sounds like a made up word.”

“I didn’t make it up!”

“Did you hear it somewhere?”

“Yes, I heard it on Madagascar”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

“Ok, how was it used?”

“Alex and Marty are fighting about something and then Gloria the hippo yells at them that if they don’t knock it off she going to come up there and smack the bofia”

“Ahhh…well that’s not bofia, that’s both of you said really fast. In her style of speech she slurs the words together. That’s how her character talks.”

“Hmmmm. OK.”

File Under: Children and Language